Sales of properties in the island Paros.


A unique waterfront property in MOLOS AREA on the idyllic island of PAROS. It is 13.500 squ. Metres, 2.000 of which are part of the built- up area of Molos.The part within Molos that is buildable according to the law is 500 squ. Metres and it builds 240 squ.m.max per plot plus basements. The remaining 11.500s.m is also buildable and they build 400 s.m. plus basements. The Forest Ministry certification is available.




Two prime location waterfront properties in TSOUKALIA area on the island of PAROS.

A) 8.500 squ. M., 8.000 are buildable, 400 squ.m. max can be built plus basements.

B)8.500 squ. M., 8000 are buildable, 400 squ. M. can be built plus basements.

For both properties there is a certification by the Forest Ministry and clear construction terms, as defined by the law.

They are for sale together or separately.  





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